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Founder's Message

Founder's Message

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From the author

The Misosofi method is born from many decades of experiences I have gained during my teaching career. While teaching music, I have always sought the best method to stretch the abilities of children and have always wanted music to become an irreplaceable part of their future lives.

In that process, I realised two important points:​

  1. Developing enjoyment of music helps to grow interest in music
    -Interests expand child’s ability

  2. We can help children develop abilities

     -Any human will grow confidence if they are proficient

Atsuko Shimada2.jpg

In music education, there is an ability only infants can develop; that is “Perfect Pitch”. The Misosofi method intends to teach and provide Perfect Pitch as an ability. 


I have Perfect Pitch, and I understand how useful and important it is. Therefore, since the beginning of my teaching career, I have always strived to incorporate Perfect Pitch training exercises into my lessons, but I have seen both children who pick it up immediately and those who do not. I wondered how I could train everyone to have Perfect Pitch and have, over the years, researched and experimented with various methods.


From this research, I have experienced how incredible and powerful music can be. This made me want to create a Perfect Pitch training method that also incorporates other useful musical skills other than Perfect Pitch and other important abilities such as intellectual education and study. This is the result of all my work. This is the Misosofi method.

I hope all children who use this method will have Perfect Pitch and other music skills such as Relative Pitch, and rhythm, and will understand music deeply. I believe that is going to support them in their life and will make their lives more beautiful.


What is Misosofi?

The name Misosofi comes from the note names "mi" and "so" x 2, "fa #" (in English, "fa #" is called "fi").

The idea of the name "Misosofi" came from the cries of a mysterious cockerel who appears in the first series...


Music is a universal language. Everyone has the same understanding of music, although there are slight differences in how they read sounds.

Misosofi was launched based on the concept of "teaching materials that are more fun and completely focused on learning music in a way that has never been seen before" from the desire to connect with everyone in the world through the wonderfulness of music...



Artist and Musicians

The audio for the Misosofi method series has been recorded with professional musicians from around the world. No electrical instruments were used except sound effects; only real, high-quality instruments were played. The hope that children enjoy the sound of real, high-quality instruments and music from a young age has been put into the recordings.

1. 島田 敦子.jpeg

Atsuko Shimada


Founder, narrator, vocalist, pianist, composer, arrangement, book/music supervisor for the Misosofi method series.


Born in Eniwa city, Hokkaido, Japan.

Graduated from Vocal course, Faculty of Art, Department of Music, Sapporo Otani University Junior College.

Worked as a music teacher at YAMAHA Junior course.

Graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, then moved to New York.


Moved to Spain and works as a music teacher at Sotogrande International School and Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts.

Appeared in festivals and stages such as Brecon Jazz Festival and Gibraltar Jazz Festival.

2. ホワン ガリアルド.jpeg

Juan Galiardo


Jazz pianist/music supervisor for the Misosofi method series.

Graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.


Recorded and sold albums as a leader collaborating with other well-known musicians from New York and Boston.

Recorded and sold an album with Satya, an R&B group. For this, he invited famous incognito musicians to record too.

Appeared in many Jazz festivals and has featured as a sideman in many Jazz CD recordings.

3. ホワン ゴメス マシアス.jpg

Juan Gomez Macias


Illustrator for books of the Misosofi method series. 


Born in 1950, Spain.


Staged exhibitions in Europe and USA.

4. ナタリア クチャエバ.jpg

Natalia Kuchaeva


Classical pianist for the Misosofi method Perfect Pitch series.


From Moscow, Russia.



  • 1998 Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition- 1st Place.

  • 2004 Enschede International Piano Competition- Press Award.

  • 2006 Jose Iturbi International Piano Competition-5th Place.

  • 2008 A.Scriabin International Piano Competition-2nd Place.

Has received countless other international piano competition awards.

5. マヌエル パラルタ.jpeg

Manuel Paralta


Flamenco performances for the Misosofi method Perfect Pitch series.

Flamenco singer.

From San Roque, Spain.

Appeared in many Flamenco festivals.

Energetically tours around the world.

6. トール デュレイ.jpeg

Thor Dulay


R&B performance for the Misosofi method Perfect Pitch series.

R&B singer.

Lives in the Philippines.


Has received many awards in the past.

Released his first album with Warner Music in 2004.

7. 伊藤佐智馨.jpg

Sachika Ito


Female opera singer for the Misosofi method Perfect Pitch series.

From Kanagawa, Japan.

Started learning vocal music at age 15 and moved to North Italy to study at age 20. Graduated both the vocal music course in 2011 and the chamber music course in 2014 with the highest possible points from all the judges from the Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Nicolini, situated in Piacenza, Italy. Graduated as lode.

2006 Competition for young pianists and opera singers, Foggia, Italy-3rd place.

2006 Premio “Gianni Poggi”-2nd place.

2012 Received scholarship after vocal music audition organised by Montichiari city, Brescia, Italy.

2012 Received Audience Award at Certamen Nuevas Voces in Sevilla, Spain.

Finalist in many other competitions, mainly in Europe.

Has been performing as an opera singer since she was a student and so far has performed over 30 times.

8. トム ラスト.jpeg

Tom Rust

Singer for the Misosofi method Perfect Pitch series.

Musician, Singer and, DJ from the UK. Based in the UK and Southern Spain.

Performed at many high profile private and corporate events worldwide such as Beijing Olympics VIP Area, FA & Carling Cup Finals VIP Area, MSC Cruise Liners, Royal Albert Hall, Porsche Launch Event (Amman, Jordan), Sultan of Brunei’s Super Yacht (Yas Island), Monaco Grand Prix VIP residency, etc.

3 Albums “Lucky to be me” “Are we there yet?” and “Saints and Singers” were released, plus tracks released on Mo Wax, Feeler-head, Boogie back records, Fruitbeard Records, etc.

Special Award Winner at The Montgomery Memorial Awards held in Ventnor, Isle of Wight, UK.

Highly commended by critics and magazines.

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