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About Perfect Pitch

About Perfect Pitch

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What is Perfect Pitch?


Perfect Pitch is the ability to identify which music note a sound is just by listening to it. You can divide people who have Perfect Pitch into two groups: people who were born with it(more accurately, those who acquire it without any musical training), and people who trained to have it.


What are the levels of Perfect Pitch?

  • People who hear the sounds of daily life (for example, the sound of squeaking doors, the tweeting of birds, etc.) and the sounds of musical instruments and can understand by the note name such as "do".

  • People who don't understand the sounds of daily life, but can understand all of them by listening to 10 sounds on musical instruments at the same time.

  • A person who can understand by listening to only one sound of an instrument

  • A person who understands 100% by listening to the sound of an instrument

  • A person who understands 80% by listening to the sound of an instrument



When mastering Perfect Pitch with training, the person who possesses high-level Perfect Pitch that can understand the complex chords of any instrument by the note name are 'many people who listened to a lot of music by the age of 2 years old'. There is supporting research. Furthermore, if you have not trained for absolute pitch by the age of 6 in relation to the development of your ears and brain, it is less likely that you will have Perfect Pitch. As you can see, it depends on how much music you listened to and how much you were trained between the time you were 6 months old and about 2 years old.

Advantages of having Perfect Pitch

  1. Ability to play music without reading sheet music
    It is easy to copy and play music from TV, movies, and other media.                                                                

  2. Ability to transcribe music without playing instruments                                                     Once you are able to read sheet music and write notes, you are able to transcribe the music you hear directly,  without needing to play it on an instrument.                                                                                                  

  3. Ability to recognise incorrect notes
    For example, if someone plays an incorrect note during a performance everyone would know, but people  with Perfect Pitch will also be able to recognise which note they played wrong while looking at sheet music . To be able to point out an  incorrect note is a good ability for an instructor.                                                                                                                

  4. Ability to play music in your head just by reading sheet music                                                    You can hear music in your head without listening first, just by reading sheet music.


Why should you start Misosofi method Perfect Pitch series from a fetus age?

Most Perfect Pitch methods in Japan recommend to start lessons for Perfect Pitch at about 1-2 years old. By then the child will have missed the most important period in mastering Perfect Pitch.


The first 1000 days from pregnancy to a child’s 2nd birthday is a unique window of opportunity. It is known that early education in this time has a great impact on the development of a child’s brain. During this time, especially from fetal age 6 months, when the ears of the baby are formed and can start hearing, to age 7-9 months old, when language ability starts developing, is a very important time to start Perfect Pitch education. The chance of mastering Perfect Pitch will be higher if babies do Perfect Pitch training during this period.


Moreover, it is reported that up to the age of 1, the ability to understand music is superior to the ability to understand language. By listening to good music from fetal age 6 months to the age of 2, the sounds they hear are input into the child’s head like they input words. Then, when a child starts output training (singing training) seriously after age 2, they can copy the sounds and sing more naturally without being forced to concentrate. Therefore, a child who starts training within the first 1000 days finds it easier to master Perfect Pitch.


When toddlers start Perfect Pitch training after the age of 2, they have to do both activities; listening to music (input) and singing (output) at the same time. It is still no problem at all to master Perfect Pitch if they train properly. Similar to learning a second language fluently, whilst it is still possible after the age of 2. It is easier if commenced earlier.


After the age of 2, children start showing likes and dislikes more clearly. There is a big difference in the level of mastering Perfect Pitch between those who are happy to train and those who are not. Before the age of 2, they are not very clear about what they like yet and it is easier to make a routine of listening to music. This is an another reason why we recommend to start training before the age of 2. As children get older, they find it easier to concentrate. If they enjoy and stay concentrated, there is a big chance to master Perfect Pitch by the age of 6 even though they started training after the age of 2.

You can master Perfect Pitch with the Misosofi method Perfect Pitch series

The Misosofi method starts by arousing interest. This is done by listening to music carefully designed to master Perfect Pitch, partnered with a fun story. Then, singing training starts to ensure the child masters Perfect Pitch.


Also, listening to lots of music and finding your child’s favourite sounds is an important task to arouse interest in this method.


We hope that the Misosofi method will not only develop your child’s Perfect Pitch, but will also encourage children and parents to enjoy music together.

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