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Q & A

About Perfect Pitch

Q. If you properly follow the method, will you 100% develop absolute pitch?

A. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will develop absolute pitch 100%. However, over many years of results, many children have developed absolute pitch through this method. Of course, there are individual differences, so it may take a short period for some or many years for others. We recommend continuing without giving up. Additionally, the Misosofi Method focuses on developing a sense of pitch, rhythm, and the ability to listen to music. Even if absolute pitch is not achieved, the foundational skills of music will certainly be acquired.

About Subscription Registration

Q. How can I cancel my subscription?

A. You can cancel your subscription from the "My Subscription" section on your profile page.

Q. Is a full refund or partial refund possible?

A. We do not offer refunds. Please understand this before subscribing. Additionally, the subscription will be automatically charged from the second time onward. If you are considering canceling, we recommend doing so early. Even if you cancel, you can continue to use the service for the duration of the paid plan's validity period.

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